full name maxine guinevere salem comicverse ghost spider d.o.b. july 2 place of birth manhattan, ny residence san francisco occupation paralegal marital status not interested


misc personality cancer > enfp-t > type 7

didn't know who her father was for many years and just thought her step-dad was her dad.

wanted to become a cop for the longest time.


pros honest, loyal, empathetic, very generous, adventurous
cons arrogant, sometimes mean, territorial, secretive, pretentious, competitive, & reckless

tie-ins cannot throw a proper punch to save her life.
name similarities
grew up in manhattan
father is/was a cop
free-spirited, creatively inclined

family denis father, 62, retired military & diplomat
mathieu brother, 34, she hopes he's dead
camille sister, 23, research scientist (biochem)
noelle sister, 23, attending law school
After being bitten by a genetically-engineered spider, Gwen was granted arachnid-like super-powers, and started a career as a crimefighter, dubbed by the media as "Spider-Woman." She was given a costume and a set of Web-Shooters by retired crimefighter Janet van Dyne. Gwen spent most of her early adventures focused on exploiting and maintaining her newfound attention more than helping those in need; however, Gwen's behavior changed after her father expressed he believed Spider-Woman could easily help people.


incentives Spider Physiology
  •Superhuman Strength
  •Superhuman Speed
  •Superhuman Stamina
  •Superhuman Durability
  •Superhuman Agility
  •Superhuman Equilibrium
  •Superhuman Reflexes